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The Virtual Presenting Academy is an 8-week program designed to transform your presentations online and off.

It includes:

• 6 modules that are released weekly.

• Coursework that gets personal feedback

• Over 8 hours of video lessons

• Over 50 downloads to get you up and running faster

• Weekly Coaching Calls to answer all your questions

• Lifetime access to all the updates and additions It’s all delivered with wit and energy. And is designed to be super practical, making an immediate impact on your presentations. Students are loving it. Particularly the coaching calls, which they find hugely valuable.

There is a growing archive of them on the site which is a fantastic resource by itself. 

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The Six Modules

Module 1 – Planning and Preparing. Let’s face it – most presentations are pretty awful. And doubly so in the virtual space. That’s not just about terrible webcams and low-quality audio. It’s about the content. If you’re not communicating the right message for your audience, it doesn’t matter how slick you are. This module explains how to ask the right questions and create a solid foundation for your presentation. 

Module 2 – Coming Across Like A Pro. How many times have you seen people on Zoom sitting in front of a window in silhouette, looking like a police informant in a gritty crime documentary? Too many, I’m sure. We’ll make sure you don’t fall into the same trap. You’ll learn how to radically improve the quality of your video and audio using the equipment you’ve got at home. And then learn how to take it up a step and use more professional gear. 

Module 3 – Delivering in Digital. A lot of people find delivering a presentation in front of a webcam more tiring and less rewarding than delivering face-to-face. And there are good reasons for that. This is where you’ll learn how to keep your energy up, how to engage your audience more effectively, and increase your chances of getting the outcome you want. Your audience will be feeling Zoomed-in instead of Zoomed-out. 

Module 4 – Using the Tech. Zoom and other video conferencing options are pretty powerful pieces of software. But most people only go as far as sharing a presentation or occasionally changing their background. We’ll be diving into the settings to give you the optimal setup. We’ll look at using a green screen, multiple cameras, and second monitors. And we’ll make sure your video and audio are the best quality they can possibly be. 

Module 5 – Adding More Powerful Tech. If you want to really take your online presentations to the next level, you need to look at adding more technology to your setup. This module demonstrates some of the hardware and software that will open up new opportunities for you. You’ll find simple walk-through guides and downloads to get you up and running super quickly. 

Module 6 – Creating Presentation Assets. Screen-sharing a typical PowerPoint presentation just doesn’t cut it here. We’ll be looking at creating presentations that give you more impact, help you communicate more effectively, and allow you to do visual effects you just didn’t think were possible. You’ll get downloadable templates to help you build your own amazing slide decks without needing a designer. 


Prior to this course, I’d written video off. It wasn’t for me. However now, following Dave’s expert help, I’m eager to put my face and my thoughts out there. Make no mistake, this is super high quality training. But what really sets it apart, is how accessible Dave makes it. Watch out Ridley Scott, I’m coming for ya! 

Matt Desmier, Founder, Wise Old Uncle 

This course is worth every penny – and so much more! Dave has condensed his many years of experience and expertise into incredibly accessible modules, with instant practical application. If you want to learn from the best, then this is it! 

Miriam Staley, Founder Leading Minds 

Dave has been an outstanding teacher and speaker for years. I can think of no better person to learn virtual presenting from. He doesn’t just show you the tech (which he has absolutely mastered) – he shows you how to keep an audience’s attention and how to get your message into their minds more effectively. And he does it all with his trademark charm and wit, making it as enjoyable as it is valuable. 

Marc Lewis, Dean & Founder, School of Communication Arts 

Dave has a wealth of experience in presenting and this course taps into his vast knowledge. He covers everything! There are important technical considerations for a successful virtual presentation, but it’s just as important to think about about what you are presenting, and this course helps with that, too. 

Nathan McDonald, Founder, We Are Social 
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