Want A Hit Podcast? Take Some Time To Learn One Of These Topics.

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No one can guarantee a hit podcast – at least not without significant funding from a known organization. There are hundreds and hundreds of worthwhile options out there, and it can be hard to stand out without some luck, or a viral moment. Your best hope, generally speaking, is to make sure you have good content and production quality, market yourself thoroughly and hope for the best.

One additional way to aim for a hit though is to keep an eye on trends and try to ride them with your own contributions. In other words, identify what people are talking about or industries that are about to get interesting, find a specific subject you feel interested in discussing or qualified to analyze and give it a go! Sometimes, in podcasting, being early on a new, trendy category can be half the battle.

Below are some of the subjects that might be worth considering here.

Smart System Innovations

Smart technology is something we tend to read and talk about fleetingly, but one that a lot of people haven’t really dived into yet. It’s probably about time people start doing so, and a well-organized podcast can help them do so.

Smart tech is becoming ubiquitous, smart homes are on the rise, and smart cities are coming next, and while we’ll learn about all of this on the fly through the natural course of societal evolution, a little guidance never hurts! Podcasting about how to use smart products, forthcoming smart products, future innovations and the like may just be a good way to generate interest.


Cryptos have been around for several years now, and we’re past the point at which anyone could make a wholly original podcast about them. However, the discussion is always changing, and this isn’t as crowded a category as you might expect. Discussing the latest news and price trends, roping in advice from famous investors or celebrity figures, and providing your own assessments can make for a nice podcast here, perhaps on a weekly basis.


Sports and event betting is incredibly popular and is getting even more so thanks to widespread efforts toward legalization and regulation across much to the United States, and related analysis is actually somewhat limited. Betting sites tend to be accompanied by news and guides, and there are TV programs and sports podcasts on which people make references to betting lines and occasionally offer advice. But there really aren’t many programs devoted entirely to betting – just a few. There’s space to be taken in this area, and if you’re passionate about a given sport or activity that can be bet on, or you consider yourself an amateur expert on sports betting in general, you might just want to give it a go.

Virtual Reality Gaming

It’s actually shocking how little popular coverage there is about VR gaming given how expansive it’s becoming, and how many people are interested. There are dozens of new games coming in 2019, not to mention new headsets and additional applications, and you almost have to go digging to find much commentary on all of this. Only a few sites out there are wholly devoted to VR news and game reviews, and here too it feels like there’s definitely space for a thorough, informative, and entertaining podcast.

Mars Exploration

People are fascinated by the idea of going to Mars. Sometime in the last decade, it became something of a given that mankind would be reaching this awesome destination in the relatively near future, and since then there’s been a relatively steady stream of news.

In fact, there’s even been a sort of narrative podcast (“The Habitat”) about a crew living in a remote Hawaiian environment simulating life on Mars as a social experiment. Right now though, there really isn’t a noteworthy aggregator of Mars exploration news. Such a thing in podcast form might just be a hit.

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