What Are The Best Careers For Being Your Own Boss?

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Lots of us dream of saying goodbye to the world of traditional work and becoming our own boss, but it’s not always easy. Some careers are better suited to going self-employed or starting your own business, but which ones? What should you aim for to be your own boss?

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Real Estate Agent

You will need to secure a real estate license, but once you have that, it’s easy to start your own business selling homes, land or commercial buildings. This commission-based job is good for confident types who can sell, as your income will be reflected by how much you sell. Estate agents can earn a healthy income if you work hard on your sales.


If you’re handy with a camera, you could set yourself up in business as a filmmaker for weddings and other events. Being your own boss will give you the freedom to work with clients and on projects that you choose for yourself. You will need to be disciplined, as all the marketing and managing the finances will be down to you, but it can also be a very fun, rewarding career option.


Learning a trade has long been seen as a good way to support yourself, and that’s still true. If you can get a good apprenticeship and learn your vertical float switch from your stopcock, then plumbing can be a very lucrative career choice. If you choose to go self-employed rather than work for a company, you can be your own boss very easily.


If you’re academically minded but don’t like the idea of teaching, you can still help others to learn. You don’t need any teaching qualifications to offer tutoring services. Offer services to help students in subjects that they struggle with, whether it’s Math or Music.

If you speak a second language, this is an excellent option to offer for tutoring, whether it’s to help younger students to prepare or spoken exams or conversation classes for those who want some phrases for a vacation. Advertise your services and work for yourself, with no need for a boss.


A career in beauty is one of the best ways to be self-employed once you have the skills. Whether you’re a hairstylist, a nail technician or an esthetician, you can easily be your own boss and work as an independent contractor.

You could rent space in a salon, or work as a mobile beautician, choosing your own hours, prices and clients. You could even pick up some freelance opportunities in film, theatre or advertising


Blogging has moved from a simple hobby to a bonafide career option. Some bloggers earn six and seven-figure incomes, with many more comfortably supporting themselves through a mixture of advertising, sponsored content and passive income streams.

You’ll need to be skilled in writing, editing, photography and website management, and will need to build an audience before you can start earning, but blogging is a good entry into becoming a business owner.

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