Why is Tone of Voice Important in Marketing?

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When you engage with digital marketing, you need to make sure that you nail certain aspects of your messages’ construction. There are some big things that you will always cover, such as the actual content that you are pushing out, but there are also many smaller details that you need to get right. One of these is going to be tone of voice.

Whether looking at your blog posts, social media or your Google ads management, you need the tone of voice to be cohesive, consistent and clear. 

Creating a Cohesive Voice

One of the first reasons why you need to choose to use a specific tone of voice is that it can provide an excellent level of cohesion across the various platforms that you use to communicate with the public.

You might have your newsletters, social media posts, and of course the content on your website. All of this will be written by different people, and therefore it will always read as being slightly different. Making sure that you have the right tone of voice in place will help to ensure that you have a similar tone of voice that carries across between different media. You could even use an email template to help ensure that everything is always going to be using this one cohesive voice.

Addressing the Right Demographic

When deciding on attributes for your business, you would have picked a key demographic that you want to target with your products. For example, a modern clothing brand would be targeting a younger audience, whereas a cookware one might focus instead on someone slightly older and with more disposable income.

You need to make sure that you have the right tone of voice for your chosen demographic. If you are targeting a more professional, older market, they are not going to appreciate the use of pop culture references and emojis in the same way that a younger audience might. You need to make sure that you are speaking to the right group of people in the right way.

Being Polite

The tone of voice doesn’t just stay within the realms of your content, it can also expand to other areas such as aspects of your customer service. Ideally, anyone contacting customer service should feel like they are listening to the same person who has written much of the content on your site.

For this reason, it can often be best for you to come up with some sort of script or key phrasings that your customer service representatives can use when talking to customers. This should also help them communicate better with customers, resulting in a more positive interaction overall.

The tone of voice is crucial for any business. Though there are different personality traits that you can imbue your tone of voice with, you might remember to always keep it professional and knowledgeable. It might take you a while to develop a tone of voice that truly works for your brand, but it will be well worth it when it clicks into place. Start developing a tone of voice that works for your business now!

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