Why The Pandemic Doesn’t Mean The End Of Co-Working Spaces.

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Given the restrictions that have been in place during this pandemic, it’s no wonder why some people have questioned the lifespan of co-working spaces. These offices thrive on people from different companies coming together in the same environment, which is the antithesis of what the government wants amid COVID-19.

However, while that might be the case, that doesn’t mean there’s no future for co-working spaces. In fact, there are a few good reasons why they should be just fine.

They Provide A Social Outlet

Some people have the misguided belief that thanks to the pandemic, offices are never going to be used again. While it’s true that we’re bound to see a shift in how employees work moving forward, all companies aren’t suddenly going to become 100% remote.

One of the reasons for this is that a lot of people thrive on human contact. It’s partly why there have been issues with loneliness during the lockdowns. If there’s an option to work from home and an option to work in the office, many people are either going to opt for the latter or a combination of the two.

With that in mind, it makes sense that co-working spaces will continue to be places of interest thanks to the social opportunities they provide. Even if employees utilize various safety precautions, e.g. social distancing, they’ll still thrive on their proximity to others, especially after being apart for so long.

You Can Keep The Workspace Hygienic

The pandemic has prompted plenty of people to step their hygiene practices up, particularly in the workplace. With offices now doing what they can to keep employees safe during business hours, the environment isn’t actually a danger to anyone’s health. Yes, there’s still the matter of being around people who might have the virus, but the surfaces themselves are typically contaminant-free.

That’s thanks to processes like fogging and substances like biocide, both of which are available through Ideal Cleaning. Plenty of premises use a disinfectant fogger in the UK to remove 99.9999% of bacteria and viral particles, including COVID-19. As for co-working spaces, biocide is generally prefered due to the likely presence of soft furnishings. However, whether you use disinfectant or a fogging machine to fight COVID-19, it’s clear that all workspaces can be made safe from the virus, including shared ones.

They Can Be A More Affordable Option

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shut their doors over the last year. Of those that are still up and running, some are just barely staying afloat. That means a lot of employers are likely to seek ways of saving money moving forward.

Naturally, that makes co-working spaces a thing of interest, especially if businesses still utilise working from home to some degree. While bigger companies might find it more cost-effective to have private offices, that’s only the case if they cease remote working. Smaller businesses and those who allow more flexibility with where employees work may find that a private space is too pricey. Therefore, an affordable solution is co-working spaces.

It may take some time before many people feel comfortable working in a shared space again. However, that doesn’t mean such a future will never come. Co-working spaces may not be thriving right now, but they’re far from over.

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