Why You Need Great Communication Skills To Put Your Thoughts Into Action.

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Have you ever known someone who’s really, very clever, and is way ahead of you, but doesn’t command the respect they deserve?

It could be a teacher at school, a boss at work, or just a capable co-worker. Maybe someone you know socially, or even a family member. They can often seem a bit … well, in their own world.

Maybe you fit the bill

And before you kick this into touch right away, think for a bit.  Do you, from time to time, feel that good ideas of yours don’t get the attention they deserve?  It may be at work, where people aren’t receptive to your proposal for a reorganization, or maybe at home, where your brilliant plan for landscaping the garden is ignored.

If your ideas have genuine merit (and I’m sure they do…) and other people will benefit from them, the problem is likely due to the way you communicate them.  Think about it: the logic is simple.  People aren’t getting the message.  You may be upskilling yourself with, say, business courses.  Or devouring blogs and YouTube videos on your chosen subjects, but there’s still something missing.

So here are some things you can consider:

Pick Your Moment

Are you so excited that you just blurt out your thoughts at the earliest opportunity?  You may have just has a Eureka Moment, but your dearly beloved won’t be receptive if they’re watching their favorite TV program.  Your best buddy won’t want to hear about your New Theory of Everything if they’re about to go on a hot date.  You get the picture.

So stop and think.  An essential communication skill is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.  Everything becomes clearer…

Sell Your Idea

Another essential component of communication is knowing when you need to sell.  And I don’t mean being brash, and “persuasive” (whatever that means).  This is about thinking about how the other person will benefit and choosing a way to point it out.  This often starts with a question like “Where would you like to go on holiday, my dearest?”

And if you’ve thought through your strategy a bit, you can guide the conversation with a few well-chosen suggestions.

Learn To Listen

They say that communication is a two-way street.  And they’re right.  No matter how passionate you may be about your Grand Plan, and even if you’ve picked your moment and have your selling strategy, the other person will likely have their own point of view.

Listening is possibly the most neglected of all communication skills, and an online course from an established provider from someone like ZandaX will help a lot here by showing you how to be more effective … and change your life (as they say…)


Keep It Short and Simple.  This is the polite version of the acronym, and it’s more relevant here.  According to someone called Einstein (oh, him) “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple”.

Well, you don’t need to be a genius to work out that if your message is long-winded and complex, your audience will zone out.  And don’t blame them for being lazy or stupid: the fault probably lies with you.

So, take a moment to think about what I’ve said. We all get frustrated when our ideas aren’t accepted or put into action, but with more attention to how we communicate, we can change this.  Forever.

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