Why Your Office ‘Look’ Is So Important.

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Why Your Office Look Is Important

Did you know that the physical space of your office is so much more than just a place where you and your employees work? Think about it, your office is where you and your employees spend the majority of your time, it is the face of your business, the place which shows employees, clients, customers, and partners who you are, and somewhere should be proud to bring your clients to for meetings, and somewhere your staff feel happy working. 

Because of this, your office has a huge influence on your employees’ morale, stress levels, and productivity and also has a huge sway over your guests and how impressed they will be with your business. It will come as no surprise that working in a dull, grey office with no life to it can make people feel demotivated and miserable whereas working in a vibrant office with colour and life will make people feel a lot happier and therefore more productive. So, how can you ensure that your office is somewhere that people want to be?

Open It Up

Having an open office plan is the modern way of doing things as it is far better for communication between employees, it “breaks down walls” because there are no doors they have to knock on to go and see someone and relationships are formed more easily; junior staff are less scared to go in and speak to someone and ultimately it makes it a more pleasurable office environment, more sociable and more friendly. Of course, it is essential to have rooms that people can go to for private meetings or phone calls or even if they want to take themselves off for a bit of peace and quiet. 

Inject Colour

Dated walls and furniture make you look like a dated business, but plain grey or plain beige can be smart, but it is also boring and can make you and your staff feel dull and lifeless too. Decorate to show some personality, the personality of your business.

Get some brand colours on the walls, add some funky furniture and let people show their personality on their desks. According to Bekins Moving Solution, people who bring in items from home, pictures of the family, fun décor, and funny comic strips are the most common types of workers and this allows coworkers a glimpse into their personal lives. However, they still need to stay organized despite the extras on their desk, or they may be viewed as sloppy or messy.

Let The Light In

Good natural lighting has a direct impact on productivity. Obviously, you can’t go knocking down walls and buying more windows, but you can rearrange your office space so that nothing is blocking the natural light source and that you are using the best-lit areas to full effect. It is also worth using smart energy lighting solutions to create a better working ambience and to do your bit for the environment.

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