Blog: Andy Gibson – Mindfulness At Work.


Andy Gibson is the founder and Head Gardener of Mindapples. He founded the campaign in 2008 in response to the lack of attention being given by social innovators and campaigners to public mental health. Mindapples has been his main focus since 2010. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and author with many years’ experience starting businesses and advising large organisations on innovation and performance.

Prior to Mindapples, he co-founded the influential social web start-up School of Everything in 2006, which won several awards for its innovative work connecting independent learners with teachers in their local areas. He founded Mindapples whilst at School of Everything, and incubated it via his innovation practice, Sociability Ltd. Mindapples has since gone on to reach tens of thousands of people all around the world with positive messages about the health of our minds.

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