Signs Your Gadget Has Been Attacked By A Virus And How To Remove It!

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Whether you are using a smartphone or working on your MacBook, your data and device must stay safe from the virus and malware. Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology, the risk of cyber threats is also increasing. Every day hackers try to come up with new strategies to harm the devices and get access to personal information.

Therefore, you must be aware of the signs of a virus or malware attack on your device. But before that, you must learn about different types of viruses or malware programs. So that you know what you are dealing with.

Type of malware

Computer Virus: These are the most common types of malware and are received from email attachments, shared drives, or downloads.

Adware: As the name suggests, these types of malware are received from the pop-up that you generally find on websites or while downloading software.

Worm: Unlike the other types of malware, worms don’t require human action to infect. Worms can infect the device by exploiting weak email security or poor internet safety practices.

Ransomware: These infect the PCs/ Mac, encrypt PII and other personal information, and demand money. If you refuse to pay, your data can be deleted or sold over the black market.

These are some of the common types of malware that can affect your gadgets. Now, let’s learn the signs of these viruses and malware.

Signs your device is infected.

Slow processing:

Most viruses affect the regular operations of the device that can cause slow processing or lagging of the system. Thus, if your device is suddenly getting slow, it could be a sign of a virus attack. To prevent it, you should upgrade your applications and system regularly. Also, check for some unwanted applications and remove them from the system.


Encountering pop-up advertisements is very common nowadays. However, if you are suddenly bombarded with pop-up ads, it could be adware. As you can see it here, having adware on your system or search engine might end up hijacking user privilege and installing malicious cookies. Therefore, you should not click on suspicious links and also try to reset browser settings.

Battery drain:

If your device’s battery is draining faster, it could be a serious problem. You can try simple solutions like reducing the brightness of the devices or removing background applications. However, if you still don’t get effective results, it could be due to malware attacks. To prevent it, try installing an antivirus system in your device or take your device to the repair center.

Can’t access files:

If you face trouble opening certain files or folders on your device, especially on a PC or Macbook, it might be a serious issue. Try changing the permissions setting; it might help you get access. Otherwise, it could be a sign of ransomware.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a backup of crucial files and encrypting the data. It can help you protect from ransomware to a greater extent.

To sum it all up!

These are some of the signs that a virus or malware might attack your device. These signs are generally the same for PC, MacBook or smartphones, so you must pay attention to them and take preventive measures.

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